To Find the best dentist near you is time consuming. Selecting nearby dentist will lessen anxiety about dental treatment and commute.
Besides choosing a nearby dentist, you also need to find out that the dentist is accessible when you have questions about of a dental issue. Communication with your dental provider is very important when it comes to your dental health.
No need to search "find a dentist near me" on the web. When you can text your Zip Code and find local dentist list with their reviews and ratings, without downloading any app is the best option. Don’t you agree, if a dentist who is responsive and can communicate in multiple communication channels would be so awesome, such as a nearby dentist who can text you, and respond to your questions.
The old way of seeing your dentist
You find the dentist from friends, search on web, online reviews, and flyers/advertising from Dentists.Then, you call them most of the time.
The dental office gives you time and date when you have to show up. To go to dentist, you may have to take a day off, or take hours off the work, rearrange your work plan for the day and then go see the dentist. 
The dentist you have chosen may not be local, so you also deal with commute back and forth.
The modern way of appointment booking with your dentist
Text your 5-digit Zip Code to a very memorable phone number such as 1.8 DENTISTRY
Receive a text message back with link to list of best local dentists in or near your Zip Code.
Select the dentist from the list
Choose a date and time convenient to you and when the dentist is available.
Book appointments with selected dentist.
When you book the appointment by text, there is no phone calls, or checking calendars, or rearranging your schedule.
You get email and text notifications and reminders for the appointment, and your dentist is notified as well.
You can communicate with your dentist before and after appointment using 1-on-1 text, you can also call and send them messages from web if you want. You also get your portal to track all your family appointments, reschedule it as well if needed.
After the appointment, you can review and rate your dentist by text or on web as convenient to you.

1 Appointment booking by text

Patients can text their 5 digit zip code to any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

One may say, I just need to find the best dentist near me, and not have to select from the list.

It is easy with our patent pending platform, you simple call the memorable phone number 1.8 DENTISTRY (1.833 684 7879) and enter your Zip Code when prompted and your call is directly transferred to the best dentist near or in your Zip Code.

2 Appointment booking by call

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

Appointment booking by call 2

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

You also have option to search and book appointment with dentist near you on this website by location, by dental procedure, and by insurance or combination thereof.

3 Appointment booking on Websites

Patients can search on any of our multiple websites tied to memorable phone numbers with their Zip code and book the appointment with any of the listed dentists on web.

There is no cost to you to find the dentist of your liking, and communicate with them on our website or using the text.
Please Note: Text data and Text rates may apply.

Dental Specialties

You can find dentists who can perform variety of dental procedures, some of our dentists are

General dentistry

General dentists provide a wide array of services that are vital to your continued health, including, Preventive Services, Restorative Services, Cosmetic Procedures, Overall Health Concerns.

Oral Dentistry

Oral Surgeons Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions requiring the surgical intervention of the jaws and mouth.


Endodontists are highly trained in the normal functions, causes & effects of dental disease and the relationship between the two, concerning the human dental pulp.


Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned or malpositioned (teeth, gaps, overbite/underbite) or jaws using non-surgical procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

They’re dentists who specialize in oral development and care of children from infancy through their teens. Pediatric dentists help your child stay on the path to a lifelong, healthy smile.


Periodontists are dentists specializing in the care and prevention of gum-related diseases and the treatment of oral inflammation. They are also specially trained in placement, maintenance and repair of dental implants.


Prosthodontists focus on restoring and replacing lost or damaged teeth. These dentists have a unique understanding of everything that goes into a beautiful, functional, and natural-looking smile.

Emergency dentistry

Emergency dentists specialize in treating pain and stop bleeding (if any).They usually tend to Fracture of one or more teeth with displacement or partial extrusions,Infection with abscesses,Severe pain of dental origin,and a visible loss of filling in the teeth.


After every appointment you will also have an opportunity to review and rate the dentist.

Our platform reminds you via email and text so that you don't forget the appointments. Dentist’s reviews and ratings are from prior phone verified patients, and not just random people.

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